There are five types of what currency found in the game that can be used to purchase and upgrade Druid Equipment. These include Gold, Diamonds, and the three types of animal materials which are Bones, Claws and Wings. Gold is used mostly to upgrade equipment and to purchase the lower level artifacts from the game's store page. Gold is also used to pay the price of combining artifacts together into higher level artifacts. The equipment is actually purchased with the animal materials which can be collected by defeating wild animals. Diamonds are used in the game's store page to purchase Druid Masks and the highest tier of artifacts that can be bought.

Obtaining Currencies Edit

  • Every two hours the player can watch ads to receive an amount of free gold and animal materials. This offer can be found in the game's Store page.
  • When you fight animals, each one you defeat will give you an amount of gold and materials, which scale with the difficulty of the animal.
  • You can get gold, materials and diamonds as a reward for clearing an animal cave, which has a two hour reset time once cleared.
  • You can find diamond deposits randomly throughout the map. You can break the small and medium deposits open with your weapon and large deposits can be collected by watching an ad. Small deposits contain 1 diamond, medium deposits contain 3 diamonds and large deposits contain 10 diamonds.
  • You can gain gold and diamonds from quests
  • You can get gold and animal materials by trading in diamonds on the Store Page.
  • You can purchase gold, animal materials and diamonds for real money on the Store Page
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