Wild Tamer (mobile game) Wiki

This is where you start the game and where you purchase and upgrade equipment, upgrade hero animals and can buy or sell tamed animals. There are 6 buildings you can interact with in your base.

Equipment Forge[]

This is where you buy, upgrade, and equip all your equipment, however masks and artifacts are actually bought from the store page, but you can find a link to the store page for them from the equipment forge. You have four types of equipment including weapons, armor, masks and artifacts. Your equipped items appear at the top of the screen next to a picture of your druid.

Animal Pen[]

Once you have defeated at least one of any animal type you are able to buy and sell them from here. At the beginning of the game, you are able to travel with up to 10 animals. You can unlock further animal slots by spending diamonds, up to a total of 30 animal slots. The hero animals that can also accompany you do not take up any of these slots. They have their own slot space.

Unique Animal Mounts[]

These are all locked at the beginning of the game. Some of these are offered for real money in the Game Store while others may be won from completing levels in the Necro Cave. Just like hero animals, these animals can be leveled up.

Hero Animals[]

More powerful versions of normal animals, you can have up to 5 hero animals join you in the wilds. From this point in the home base you can upgrade the level of your Hero Animals and choose which ones to bring with you. Leveling them up requires defeating certain numbers of their wild rivals found out on the islands. Any defeated animal of the same type counts for this, not just the ones that can be tamed or collected for materials.

Materials Market[]

You can sell your materials here for gold. You are not able to use gold to buy materials. Because of the high materials cost of equipment as you progress in the game, it is not recommended by people who have played the game to sell your materials, but the option is available if you need it. For each material sold you get 10 gold.

Attack/Movement Speed Boost[]

When you click on this area you can watch an ad in order to give yourself a 10% boost to your attack speed and movement speed for 10 minutes.