This is the first island that you are able to visit in the game. The Swamp and Necro Cave are both unlocked after you defeat the Boss of this island.

You can find a total of 20 creatures on this island, the locations of which are categorized according to the areas they can be found.

Throughout this level and the others you can find Crystal spawns that must be destroyed to claim. There are Small Rocks with emerald colored protrusions. Medium which are tall and triangle in shape with the same emerald protrusions. And large, these look like large boulders with again the same emerald protrusions with the tops opening similar to a chest, these require a video ad to be watched to claim. The small rocks give 1 crystal. Mediums give 3. Large give 10.

Near Home Base/First Portal

At this point all you will find are mice. However, you can find cages with trapped animals. These traps can contain a random selection of non-boss Animals.

Portals require you to use resources to travel. The deeper the portal is into the level that you are trying to reach the more resources you must spend.

Second Portal Edit

Just before you get to the second portal you will find a healing fountain and another one halfway between this and the third portal.

In his area, you will find mice and rabbits and start to see deer as you get closer to the third portal.

Third Portal Edit

In this area, you will find mice, rabbits and deer. You will also start to see dung beetles.


There is an encampment just east of the portal that has three Alligators ! Caution these enemies are high level !

A little further south, near another health fountain, you get to the first cave with deer.

Fourth Portal Edit

After the fourth portal there is a Healing Fountain. Following the lowest path you will enter a darker land and begin seeing Wild Boar.

Fifth Portal Edit

This is the first portal in the dark side of the island it has a healing fountain directly next to it. To the North is the Sixth Portal.

Sixth Portal Edit

North of the Fifth Portal has Low Boss cave directly next to it. This Cave has Boars.

Seventh Portal Edit

Eight Portal Edit

Ninth Portal Edit

Tenth Portal Edit

Eleventh Portal Edit

Twelfth Portal Edit

Thirteenth Portal Edit

Fourteenth Portal Edit

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